July 7, 2011 in Arena City Yitzhak Pintosevich held the first master class from the series of training programs for professional Ukrainian athletes - motivational master classes for achieving outstanding results. So many champions in the one place you can see only at the Olympics! 

An ideological inspirer of the events became Olena Govorova – the director of sports marketing agency "MEDIA SPORT": "A lot of athletes that leave professional sports, face with the fact that it is difficult to set new goals, because earlier their main motive was a gold medal, and now it is not clear where to go and what to achieve in future. It is very important when in such period it can be showed you that there is definitely a room for improvement, despite of the huge experience of sports victories and achievements. "

Active sportsmen who attended the master class noted the perfect possession of an audience and interconnection between Yitzhak Pintosevich and every individual participant, which typical for sports coaches. After all, the main task of the coach is to find an individual contact with an athlete, give him self-confidence, help to open up and use their abilities to the maximum.  That’s why master class was held as an additional training where each participant received the best resources, algorithms and tools to fulfill their potential in every area of their life.

That's so easy Yitzhak Pintosevich inspired and motivated everyone for the new victories! There is definitely a room for improvement, even if you're the Olympic champion!

Comments of participants: 

It is interesting, informative, I think that works. I will try, and then look at the results.
The coach has a great possession of the audience, he gives life advice in a simple, concise form.
Anna Sorokina, Olympic medalist, European champion in diving, head of international relations of the NOC of Ukraine.


The program provides an opportunity to focus your attention on what is hidden by stereotypes and interferes to achieve goals. The coach presents accessibly and completely captivates.
Valerii Goncharov, Olympic champion in gymnastics.


A lot of sportsmen do not completely understand the material goals and especially towards their achievement. Thanks to Itshac it was appeared the understanding how to realize you in future in other areas besides sports.
Elena Sadovnichaya, a double Olympic medalist in archery, Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine