In June 7, 2011 on the eve of the historic June 8 (one year up to Euro 2012) in the House of Football there was held a press conference dedicated to the presentation of the new book "1960-2012: how it was".

The agency "MEDIA SPORT" and its director Olena Govorova became organizer of it and she brilliantly coped with the duties of the press conference moderator .

The journalists had the opportunity to communicate with the authors of the book - the national deputy of Ukraine, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for Issues Cocerning Families Family, Youth, Sports and Tourism Pavlo KOSTENKO; General Director of "Panda", the Hero of Ukraine Gennady BOBOV; the famous journalist, author of several books about football Vladimir Kuleba.
Also the press conference was attended by CEO of the publishing office «New Print" Vladimir Klimenko.

At the end of the presentation the participants were raffled five copies of the book.


About the book.


The authors set a task to order for fans the various factual information, to represent it in a convenient form, and also to provide their own comments, the author's vision of the events and experiences of each of European Championship. 


 The book covers the history of the European football championships - from the first what was brilliantly won by the USSR national team to the Euro 2008, which brought a fantastic team of Spain to the wave of world success.


13 championships - 13 chapters. The final 14th chapter is a bridge from the past to the future. It is dedicated to the preparation of Ukraine and Poland for Euro 2012.

"1960-2012: as it was" is the first Ukrainian book dedicated to Euro 2012. 


To purchase the book, please contact the agency "MEDIA SPORT" representatives (tel 095-143-87-86)